Russell Stover's Utica Square location closing

On Monday, barely anything remained on the shelves at Russell Stover Candies in Utica Square. (KTUL)

It was one of the very first tenants in Utica Square in 1952, and on Tuesday, it closes its doors for good.

A staple in Utica Square for 55 years. A destination for families to pick up their holiday treats, and lovers looking to buy Valentine's Day treats for their special someone.

On Monday, only a few chocolate bunnies left over from Easter and a few stuffed animals remain in the Russell Stover Candies Store.

"There is nothing here. I was here Saturday as well and shopping again today and I just can't believe it. I'm glad I was able to do some shopping before everything was gone," said Sherri Worth.

The giant 75 percent off sign out front definitely appears to have lured in some last minute shoppers. Radio ads also spread the word that the store was closing soon.

"I heard that on the radio, and I'm like 'Mom, if we don't go then we'll never get to see Russell Stover's again' and she's all like 'fine, fine, we'll go.'" said Breace Martin.

The store has been a regular stop for families like Brianne Camp and her mom.

"It's been here forever. She's always gotten me candy from Russell Stover's for every holiday. Halloween, Easter, Christmas. She wants me to have twelve cavities each holiday I guess, she weighs me down each holiday," said Camp.

While the community is losing the last remaining Russell Stover in Tulsa, the location will still be a candy store. Glacier Confection will be moving into the little shop, but there will always be a special place in the hearts of many Tulsans for Russell Stover's.

"I don't want this place to close. I really don't. This place is the best candy store I've ever been to," said Martin.

Glacier Confections is nothing to sneeze at. They just recently wound up on a list the Food Network created, naming them one of the best chocolate stores in the country. Still, a lot of people are going to miss Russell Stover's.

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