Sand Springs residents seek neighborhood watch after car burglaries

Sand Springs police chief Mike Carter talks to residents about neighborhood safety. (Wilson/KTUL)

To help discourage any more crimes of opportunity, which have been on the rise in one Sand Springs neighborhood, a meeting was called to talk about starting a Neighborhood Watch.

"We had a lot stolen," said Chris Musselwhite.

'Crime of opportunity' is a phrase used to describe when a person inadvertently makes a perpetrator's act that much easier to commit. One example: Leaving you car's doors unlocked.

"Yeah, I could see them going through the cars, so they checked two cars, and then my son's car was out of the camera," Musselwhite said.

Around $6,500 was stolen. While it's disheartening, it's also not the norm for this part of Sand Springs.

Police Chief Mike Carter said his department has worked around a dozen reported vehicle burglaries in the last six months. He said they have only worked one case of violent crime in the area during that span.

"It's not an active neighborhood watch at this point," said Rick Barnett.

But hope tonight that a new alertness will develop, to keep crime at bay in Rolling Oaks.

"The best crime prevention you can have is neighbors looking out for neighbors," Carter said.

If you'd like to start your own Neighborhood Watch, visit Crime Stoppers for more information.

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