School district launches app allowing parents to track students' buses in real time

School district launches app allowing parents to track students' buses in real time (KTUL)

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) -- Broken Arrow Public Schools is making it easier for parents to track their students' buses.

The Versatrans My Stop app is available in the app store and on Google Play.

It displays the location of a selected school bus on a map, showing estimated time of arrival and giving notifications is there are any traffic delays.

"There are going to be traffic delays," said Charlie Hannema with the district. "There is going to be bad weather and buses are not going to run on time no matter what we do, but at least, we can be transparent, and our parents can know, 'Hey, it's on the way; here's where it is; here's when it is going to be here.'"

Parents can log in using their student's ID number as the username and password. They can change the password once they log in. If they do not know their student's ID number, they can contact their school directory.

BAPS Transportation Director James McNabb said his two students use the app to know when their bus is coming.

"It'll tell you within one minute whether the bus is running to schedule or if it is running behind," he said.

McNabb said the bus route will show up about 20 minutes before pickup at the school. After it drops off their child, parents can see the bus route for another 10 minutes. He said it is important parents have reassurance their kids are safe.

"That's the first thing we look for is safety," he said. "Everything we do we try to keep an eye on safety."

Broken Arrow is one of two districts in the state using this technology. It was paid for with bond funds specifically approved by local voters for transportation expenses for the district.

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