School security guard no longer with TPS after incident at McLain

A 15 year-old had an unpleasant encounter with a school security guard at McLain. TPS says the individual is no longer working at TPS. (Mummolo/KTUL)

"I mean I was beyond scared," said a 15 year-old student who attends McLain High School of Science and Technology.

She was on her way to the bathroom, walking in the hallways of McLain when the principal called her out on a uniform violation.

"He said, 'I told you to take of that bandana.' I said well i didn’t hear you, and I said there's no need to yell at me.

When a school security guard arrived, things escalated she says.

"He got in my ear and started yelling, and yelling and yelling and yelling, so I pushed his face away from me. Then afterwards he grabbed my shirt and hoodie and pushed me up against the wall and kept pushing and pushing and pushing, and he was trying to open up the door and then pushed me down on the floor," she said.

"After I saw that video I felt absolutely horrible," said her mother Georgiana Syperreck.

TPS declined to release the video, saying it's considered confidential since it has students in it. As for the security guard?

"I was told he was no longer employed there," said Syperreck.

School officials confirmed that and told Tulsa's Channel 8: "While we are not able to discuss personnel issues, generally speaking, any adult found to have behaved inappropriately - including in ways that might jeopardize the health and well-being of students - would be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment."

"That never really happened to me before. A male has never done that to me," said the student.

And to top it all off, she was suspended, out of school roughly three weeks while the whole thing was sorted out.

"I’ve asked for an emergency transfer from McLain and so far I’ve been given the run-around," said Syperreck.

"Well, I would actually like to go back to my old school which is Will Rogers. I really liked that school," said the student.

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