Schools urge attendance before winter break

Tulsa Public Schools has a goal of 92.9% attendance rate and right now the district is exceeding by nearly one percent. (KTUL)

Tulsa Public Schools loses $100 a day for each student that is absent, so they are encouraging parents to get their children to school every day before the winter break.

At McKinley Elementary School, a team of school workers is trying to keep track of attendance with progress posted on every classroom door. But for the last two years TPS has fallen below attendance goals.

Closer to holiday breaks, Dr. Ebony Johnson says they see a trend of more students calling in absent.

"What we found is over the last three years, we have seen a dip in our attendance in Tulsa Public Schools, right before the Thanksgiving holiday and right before the Christmas break," said Johnson, who recorded a message for parents to receive.

"We think there is a myriad of reasons. We think families truly have plans. They pull kids out because they think two days, three days right before the holiday, they’re not gonna miss much," said Johnson.

Tulsa Public Schools has a goal of 92.9 percent attendance rate, and right now the district is exceeding by nearly one percent.

Johnson says for each student that misses class, the district misses out on $100 per day. Principals like Lynnette Dixon are working hard to eliminate excuses from students and families.

"'I’m moving. I’m out of town. I didn’t have any clothes to wear.' Someone told me they didn’t have clothes, and I went and picked them up and I said. 'We have clothes at the school; get in the car,'" said Dixon.

The last day of school before winter break is Dec. 20.

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