Detectives come up empty after searching field for Samantha Puckett

Samantha Puckett and her boyfriend John Prince Gladney. Gladney was found dead of an apparent suicide, and there is concern that Puckett may be deceased as well. (Mummolo/KTUL)

There was a time when Samantha Puckett smiled when she was next to him. But that was long before she went missing and he was found dead of an apparent suicide.

"There was a pattern of abuse in that relationship," said Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker. "She didn't report it, but we've got evidence that he was very abusive to her."

Puckett has been missing since Nov. 7. Her boyfriend, John Gladney, committed suicide Dec. 21, and police found his body while conducting a search warrant at his home. Detectives brought out search dogs Wednesday to see if they could find any sign of her body in the woods across from Gladney's home.

"Well, we obviously didn't find what we were looking for," he said.

Puckett's parents said they weren't surprised authorities didn't find anything by the house. They said Puckett and Gladney had been staying in hotel rooms -- possibly in west Tulsa -- in the days leading up to her disappearance. We showed Puckett's picture to nine motels located along I-44, but no one recognized her.

"We didn't find a map, we didn't find any remains, we didn't find anything that would lead us to a place," Walker said.

With little to go on, and time continuing to pass, optimism runs thin that Puckett is still alive.

"If you ask me personally, no, I'm not hopeful at all," Walker said. "I mean, sure she could walk down the street right now and say call it off, but she would have already have done that."

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