Searching for Samantha Puckett

Samantha Puckett has been missing since the first week of November. (Mummolo/KTUL)

She hasn't been seen since the first week of November, and yet Samantha Puckett's face is plastered all over town.

"People have been very responsive about putting out flyers," said Samantha's father Paul, doing what he can to keep his daughter's disappearance in the public eye.

"We just want anyone with information, any information at all to call or contact someone," he said.

"She came in, she ate, she loved the food. She's been here more than once," said Lupe Rodriguez of La Casa restaurant, more than willing to help get the word out, and stunned about the sudden disappearance of her former customer.

"Somebody you've seen like there today and then they're missing, it's, it's crazy," she said.

Samantha, say her parents, has had to deal with domestic violence, a topic handled gingerly given the unknown circumstances around her current status.

"If she happens to be out there and somebody has her, you know, us pushing could contribute. If we don't push we now we'll never find any answers, and that would be extremely difficult," said her mother Cherie Puckett.

The search for Samantha, with the hope that someone, even possibly her, will reach out.

"Samantha, if she's sees this to please contact us or anyone if she's able," said her father.

If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at (918) 596-COPS. You can remain anonymous.

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