Senator introduces new bill allowing gun owners to carry without a permit, training

    Senator introduces new bill allowing gun owners to carry without a permit, training (MGN)

    A Green Country lawmaker is taking a second shot at a controversial gun bill.

    Governor Mary Fallin vetoed state senator Nathan Dahm’s first bill to lessen requirements when obtaining a gun, but he is trying again.

    “This would make it easier for law abiding citizens to be able to exercise that right, especially the poor and disadvantaged who don’t have the means to go through that permitting process but still want to be able to protect themselves,” Dahm said.

    If signed by governor elect Kevin Stitt, Senate Bill 12 would allow Oklahomans to carry a gun without training or a permit.

    “With the permitting process you have to pay a fee, get fingerprinted, jump through a lot of hoops that a lot would say is an infringement of our rights,” Dahm said.

    Many have demanded stricter gun laws following numerous mass shootings across the nation. But, Dahm says stricter laws are not the answer.

    “Criminals will still find a way to cause harm, so if we want to talk about addressing the hearts of mankind, that is a different thing, Dahm said. “This just deals with allowing law abiding citizens the chance to protect themselves.”

    While Dahm says he still encourages potential gun owners to get training, he doesn’t believe the current process is protecting the rights granted by the second amendment.

    “I am about individual rights, I am about protecting people’s rights and that is what I am fighting for,” he said.

    Dahm says the bill wouldn’t change who can purchase a gun. It would however allow active military or honorably discharged veterans to obtain a gun at 18-years-old.

    Should this bill pass, it would go into effect in November of next year.

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