Several Tulsans attend christening of namesake ship

Kathy Taylor smashes a bottle of champagne as she christens the USS Tulsa. (Clemmer/KTUL)

It was literally a smashing success, with former Mayor Kathy Taylor drenched in champagne, which coincidentally, wasn't the only alcohol used to celebrate the christening.

"They had a keg last night," said Tulsa Brewmaster Eric Marshall, unveiling his brewery's USS TULSA edition, that's taking off as fast the ship it's named after.

"We'll probably continue to make it, it's a great beer and people really seem to be getting into it," he said.

Also getting into the festivities...

"I didn't expect for it to be so big," said Lily Kneafsey. Kneafsey and her family drove 11 hours from T-Town, and the trip turned out to be worth it.

"Honestly I didn't think it was going to be that cool, but it was pretty cool," she said.

Echoing that sense of cool, Mike Neal of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.

"When we walked into what looked like a hanger and you come in and you realize you're walking underneath a naval battleship, unbelievable," he said.

Likewise, the coolness factor wasn't lost on Mayor Bynum.

"I feel awfully lucky, just the timing of getting to be Mayor of Tulsa and two months into the job be here for something like this," he said.

With a crew of 70, and capabilities to tackle submarines, mines, and fast moving boats, the Tulsa will be quite a spectacle.

"It just makes me feel very good about America's future and America's military," said Kathy Taylor, sponsor of the USS Tulsa.

She'll hit the high seas next year, and who knows, now that we're about to get water in the Arkansas.

"Absolutely, we'll be bringing the new USS Tulsa up the Arkansas very soon. As soon as we get those low water dams built," joked Neal.

"We want to take it on a test drive in the Zink lake after we're done," laughed Bynum.

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