Shakeup pending in aquarium leadership

Shakeup pending in aquarium leadership (KTUL)

When it comes to danger, sharks have a reputation second to none, unless you're talking about the Oklahoma Aquarium and the politics of the town it resides in.

"Holy cow," said Jenks City Councilor Craig Murra, stunned to learn that the leadership of the aquarium's COO Teri Bowers may soon be coming to an end.

"When I see on the news this morning that it was to terminate, I was very shocked," he said.

"I, I am not going to discuss specific employees or personnel matters," said Assistant City Manager Rebecca Stewart.

At Monday night's city council meeting, a tug of war over whether or not the city manager, in his role as general manager of the aquarium, has the authority to hire and fire.

"The second measure was a further clarification and passing of what is now known as resolution 61 which does grant that very clearly as a power of the general manager, and that measure passed," she said.

Ms. Bowers declined an on-camera interview pending official notification as to whether or not she's still the executive director. Not to mention learning the reason behind any potential firing.

"I'm saddened for her because from what I know and have heard that she has done a good job," said Murray.

"Right now we have not made any decisions with respect to personnel specifically," said Stewart.

Despite the waves kicked up by the pending shakeup, the city says they're excited about the direction the aquarium is headed.

"We have a really engaged staff. We're looking forward to getting to a place with revenue where the aquarium makes money going forward, we're excited about that direction," said Stewart.

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