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TPD: Homeowner defends domestic assault victim by holding suspect at gunpoint

Jawane Mason (Tulsa County Jail)
Jawane Mason (Tulsa County Jail)
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The Tulsa Police Department said they responded to reports of a shooting near East Admrial Place and South Garnett Road around 2 p.m. Saturday.

Police said neighbors called in saying a man shot another man in the front yard.

Prior to officers arriving on scene, the alleged victim of the shooting, Jawane Mason, left the scene in a white van

Police said they found the van and quickly determined that no one had been shot.

According to police, the investigation revealed that Mason went to a house in the area to continue a domestic assault that he committed on his domestic partner.

Earlier in the day officers were called to a different residence to investigate a domestic assault.

Police said during that investigation officers learned that after an argument over the quality of marijuana, Mason assaulted the female victim with his hands, a picture frame, and then strangled her.

The victim suffered injuries in the assault and officers had probable cause to arrest him for the assault.

After making threats on Facebook, Mason went to the house where his partner was with intent to force entry and continue the assault, said police.

According to police, his partner went to another residence to get away and that's where Mason forced his way through the front door and damaging it.

The homeowner of that house used his gun to stop Mason from entering the house by showing the handgun and ordering Mason off the property.

Police said Mason retreated into the yard, then ran back toward the door and that's when the homeowner fired his gun, but it didn't hit Mason.

The homeowner held Mason at gunpoint in the front yard until Mason's getaway driver intervened and got Mason into the van.

They fled the scene and were stopped by responding officers.

Police said the handgun was legally possessed and the homeowner legally used it to defend himself and his family from Mason.

Police arrested Mason for felony domestic assault, attempted fir degree burglary, and threats of bodily harm.

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