TPD: Stolen vehicle suspect tries to hit officer with truck, officer opens fire

Shots fired during police chase in midtown Tulsa (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Police say a woman is in custody after leading officers on a chase in a stolen vehicle and trying to steal another vehicle with children inside.

Officer Adam Ashley, Tulsa Police Department spokesman, says around 3 p.m. officers were investigating a report of a stolen vehicle in east Tulsa. Officers initiated a brief pursuit but ended it.

A short time later, the truck was spotted near 19th and Saint Louis Avenue. Ashley says the suspect, Ashley Holquin, tried backing the truck into a driveway to blend in with other vehicles. When an officer walked up to investigate, Holquin accelerated.

Ashley says the officer opened fire, hitting the driver's side of the truck. The suspect drove off but got out of the vehicle and tried to steal another car with children inside.

Police approached on foot, dragged Holquin away from the car and cuffed her.

No one was hurt.

Ashley says the suspect could face charges for assault with a deadly weapon on an officer, grand larceny and possibly attempted kidnapping.

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