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Should Epic leaders step aside until controversy settles?

Epic Charter Schools being investigated. (KTUL)
Epic Charter Schools being investigated. (KTUL)
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"Accountability is critical at this time," said State Representative Melissa Provenzano.

Provenzano is a former public school teacher and administrator, the now state lawmaker would like to see Epic undergo an audit.

"I think, surely that ball's already in motion, and then, you know, if the money's been taken irresponsibly the state taxpayers would like it back. And the children of Oklahoma need it back," she said.

Epic officials deny any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile a new state law is about to go into effect pertaining to tax dollars and education, House bill 1395.

"It requires virtual schools to be transparent on how public tax dollars are spent," she said.

Others are also calling for more accountability.

"I think there should be more oversight of all the money," said teacher Teresa Danks.

Friday marks the two year anniversary that Danks also became known as the Panhandling Teacher.

She lays blame for the scandal on the entire system.

"If our regular brick and mortar public schools were doing their job properly we wouldn't even be having this conversation today, because we wouldn't have hundreds and hundreds of children leaving our public schools to go into charter schools," she said.

With controversy swirling around Epic, we asked Rep. Provenzano if she thinks the leaders of Epic should step aside until things clear up?

"I think that would be the honorable thing to do. No one can predict what another person will do, but that's the right thing to do," she said.

When we relayed that to Epic they replied; "In our country, there is a constitutional presumption of innocence unless proven guilty. Nothing has been proven regarding Mr. Harris and Mr. Chaney and there are no charges. The daily operations for the school are and will continue to be under the leadership of Superintendent Banfield."

Whatever the eventual outcome for Epic, for the state the outcome will be more watchdogs.

"There's not even the beginnings of enough oversight," said Rep. Provenzano.

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