Should Oklahoma criminalize abortion?

Former state senator Randy Brogdon says Oklahoma should assert its sovereignty and outlaw abortion. (Mummolo/KTUL)

"We must stop the murder of innocent babies," said former State Senator Randy Brogdon, taking an already hot button issue and turning up the heat with a new TV commercial.

"Tens of thousands of babies have been butchered behind those walls. We can free our state," Brogdon says in the ad.

His strategy to abolish abortion, outlined on his website free the, emphasizes the rights of a state to set its own laws.

"I believe we need to assert our states rights, hold the federal government at bay, resist their illegal edicts, like the murder of innocent babies," Brogdon said.

Once abolished, abortion would be a criminal offense, carrying charges of first-degree murder for any physician or patient who violated the new law.

"The mother is complicit in that murder as well; she has to come in there and request to, 'Please kill my baby, you know. It's inconvenient for me,'" Brogdon said.

He said there would be no exceptions to the rule, not even in cases of rape or incest.

"It just doesn't matter what scenario there is, there is never a reason to murder an innocent baby," he said.

The federal government would most likely try to keep Oklahoma in line, but Brogdon argues it's about states rights.

"Of course, the federal government is going to threaten the state of Oklahoma with all kinds of nonsense, but does that really matter in the big scheme of things?" Brogdon said.

What's more, he says, look at how Colorado is snubbing the feds by legalizing marijuana, so why couldn't Oklahoma criminalize abortion?

"The state of Oklahoma has the full authority to govern itself," Brogdon said.

Taking pro-life to a whole new level, fighting abortion with state sovereignty.

"It's time we punish the people that are taking the lives of the innocent unborn," Brogdon said.

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