Some rural Mannford residents concerned about water color, quality

Rural Water District Five Operations Manager Clark Dexter says  the past two weekends, District Five has had water line breaks, which may cause the water issue. (KTUL)

MANNFORD, Okla. (KTUL) -- Some rural Mannford residents have taken to social media with concerns about the color and quality of their water.

"For the past six months, probably off and on at least two or three times a month, if not more, that we have really noticed it, that it is really bad," resident Christopher Randolph said.

Randolph says at first he thought he had bad pipes or a bad water heater. He replaced the water heater, flushed the entire house, but nothing changed.

"You don't know what is in it, it smells, it doesn't look clean, you are afraid to bathe, afraid to drink it, wash your laundry," Randolph said.

He isn't the only one with issues. Several people have posted pictures and complaints on social media asking for answers.

"Notify people, or send out a letter, make some phone calls, some kind of notification," Randolph said.

Rural Water District 5 Operations Manager Clark Dexter says he hasn't heard many complaints from residents on the issue.

"Call, call us, we don't monitor Facebook as the damage report so to speak," Dexter said.

Dexter says the past two weekends, District 5 has had water line breaks, which may cause the water issue.

Dexter says summer months tend to be harder on the water system.

"As the ground dries and begins to crack that is when we have the biggest majority of problems," Dexter said. "There is a higher demand of usage, we are pumping more water, customers are using more water and it is a bigger stress on the system."

If the brown water persists, Dexter says it could be on the customer.

"A break on their line going from their meter to their house, a leak in their water line somewhere," Dexter said.

Dexter says the district will come out to look at the issues as long as its reported.

If you are having issues, call Rural Water District 5 at 918-865-3289.

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