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South Tulsa residents file petition asking for injunction against 5G towers

Walnut Creek residents rally to fight 5G{p}{/p}
Walnut Creek residents rally to fight 5G

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Residents in a south Tulsa neighborhood are continuing to hold protests to stop 5G towers.

The protests have brought people from across the area to the Walnut Creek neighborhood to show their support for the fight against the towers.

The neighborhood near 85th and Harvard is not only holding rallies and hanging signs, it's also taking its concerns to the court.

Residents say they were never notified about 5G towers being placed in their area. Some of the towers are even going up in front yards.

Some residents are concerned about property values, while others are afraid of the unknown.

"I don’t understand the logic by putting it in a neighborhood where people are home in the evenings, their weekends outside playing in the grass with the kids. Why not put it somewhere in a commercial area where it’s not going to affect the residents' property values, not going to affect their health? I’d rather err on the side of caution than say, 'Well, it really isn’t going to hurt you,' and then find out that it did," said Ken Rudzienski, who lives in Walnut Creek.

The neighborhood is asking for an official pause on the building of the towers, but as long as companies follow state and federal regulations, the towers can stay where they are.

Residents say they're not bringing a lawsuit yet, but they have filed a 102-page document with the Tulsa County District Court.

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