Space cowboy planned for Route 66

    Plans are in the works to build a 20 foot tall Space Cowboy on Route 66. (Mummolo/KTUL)<p>{/p}

    With it's eye catching fence art, Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios near East 11th Street and South Peoria Avenue is already attention grabbing, but that's nothing compared to what the owner has planned next.

    "A 20 foot fiberglass muffler man, also known as an American Giant," said Mary Beth Babcock.

    An old school roadside attraction, drawing commerce through entertainment.

    "These guys, they were built back in the 60's for promotional pieces for businesses to attract tourism, to attract attention, you know, people are going to have to park, take their picture with this space cowboy," she said.

    "I think it would be a neat attraction right here on Route 66," said Len Wade of Ike's Chili, just a block down the road, with plenty of it's own route 66 charm. Their thought process when deciding to move here?

    "This area is coming up and we want to be there at the beginning," he said.

    And sure enough, that growth has happened.

    "It's still growing, we’ve got a place, a pizza place going in across the street right now," he said.

    "This is going to be a pizza by the slice shop," said Bobby Oertel, hard at work on his restaurant after crunching the numbers on feasibility.

    "We get 14,000 cars that drive in front of this spot on 11th street and from a marketing standpoint that was one of the things that we really considered when choosing this spot," he said.

    And like his neighbors, Bobby has plans to take advantage of the Route 66 mystique.

    "We have a special that we’ll be doing as far as our salad line we’ll be promoting the Roasted Route 66 veggie salad starting out," he said.

    Which brings us back to Buck Atoms and the very rational reason behind a crazy 20 foot giant cowboy.

    "They get what this guy can do for the tourism, for the business, for Tulsa, so it’s not just a selfish thing," laughed Babcock.

    Click here to visit the GoFundme page for the Buck Atoms Space Cowboy.

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