Speed, texting, and wet roads the cause of south Tulsa crash

    Speed, texting, and wet roads the cause of south Tulsa crash (KTUL)

    It was a rude awakening for Brian Beck.

    "I was sound asleep until I heard that loud noise," said Beck.

    As he walked outside, he found his pickup truck dented, scraped up, and broken.

    "Just my luck," said Beck. "I was in shock."

    Not to mention, his lawn was torn up with car parts scattered everywhere.

    Tulsa police say a careless driver is to blame.

    "All he could do was apologize and say he was sorry," said Beck.

    Officers say he lost control coming off of Sheridan and turning onto 73rd Street, took out part of the curb, knocked out a fire hydrant, and slammed into Beck's truck.

    "It also pushed my truck into my wife's car," said Beck. "So, she's got damage too but not near what I've got."

    Officers also say the driver was on his cell phone and was going way too fast on the slippery, wet road.

    "They grilled him hard because he knew about the conditions; the roads were wet, " said Beck.

    With the rain constant through the night, it could make for a dangerous situation. So, there's a reminder to just take it easy.

    As for Beck's truck, it'll have to be replaced -- what he calls a small set back considering things could have been way worse.

    "At least he walked away because he could have died. It was horrific; his car is totaled." said Beck.

    Nobody was hurt in this crash, but the driver did walk away with a ticket from police.

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