Stillwater bondswoman, Chasity Carey, found not guilty in murder case

Stillwater woman, Chasity Carey, found not guilty in murder case (Courtesy of Payne County Jail)

On Friday, the jury in the murder trial against Chasity Carey found her not guilty of the shooting death of her client, Brandon Williams, in her office last August.

The murder trial began Tuesday for the Stillwater bondswoman, who has continued to argue it was self-defense.

The affidavit showed Brandon Williams, who had previously been charged with second-degree burglary and drug possession, was killed after Carey tried to take him back into custody and revoke his bond. The document said, "She remembered shooting the gun towards Williams and when she looked up, she realized she had shot him in the back."

Documents also indicated both Carey and her son were shoved by Williams and that he was very angry and refusing to cooperate.

Carey's defense said there was no doubt she pulled the trigger, but they argued in court Tuesday that she was afraid for her life. The 911 call she made was heard by jurors this week.

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