Stolen Christmas packages from Arkansas found in Tulsa

Four suspects from Arkansas tried to sell stolen packages from Bentonville at the Promenade Mall (KTUL)

A group of neighbors from Bentonville, Arkansas is thanking the Tulsa Police Department after their mail, including Christmas packages, was stolen and found in Tulsa.

“An officer informed me that I had a stolen package," said Bentonville resident, Alyx Clous. "A stolen package that they found in a stolen car in Tulsa.”

Imagine the surprise to receive a call from police over one hundred miles away about your Christmas package.

Clous had no clue it was taken from her mailbox.

“I had no idea because I thought it was going to be a little late," said Clous. "I checked my email and sure enough the package was delivered to my house.”

According to Tulsa Police, four people from Bentonville took various packages, boxes and bags from a neighborhood. In a stolen car, they drove to the Promenade Mall where they planned to sell the items to someone here in Tulsa.

“An off-duty Tulsa County Sheriff’s Deputy was working an extra job at the mall, and he got a call on a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the mall," said Public Information Officer for Tulsa Police, Jeanne MacKenzie.

The deputy quickly found the car, along with all the stolen items from Bentonville. Officer MacKenzie says not only were there Christmas gifts but also social security cards and everyday mail. Tulsa Police called investigators in Bentonville to let them know.

“All the stolen items were still in their packages. So they were able to look at the addresses and look at the names to know who these packages belong to," said Officer MacKenzie. " So, it’s a really good thing that all these individuals are able to get their property back.”

All four suspects face charges in Tulsa and in Arkansas. Two of the suspects already had felony warrants for their arrests.

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