Vinita Public Schools: 4th-grader dies during P.E. class

Vinita Public Schools: 4th-grader dies during P.E. class

The community of Vinita is dealing with the loss of a young student.

"It's just something that's going to take some time to get through," said Vinita Public Schools Superintendent Kelly Grimmett. "You never get over these types of things."

Grimmett says a 9-year-old fourth grader was playing basketball Monday in P.E. class when she sat down to rest with her classmates. The school says the young girl had only been playing for about five to seven minutes before switching out with other students.

"A student approached the P.E. instructor and said they thought this little girl was having an issue," said Grimmett.

The school says the girl was unresponsive and the P.E. teacher called 911 while the principal preformed CPR until paramedics arrived. She died at the hospital.

"They were hoping that they could get her stable enough so they can life flight her on from there, but she never recovered," said Grimmett.

This little girl’s unexpected death has shocked the community.

"That's horrible," said parent Rich Dawes. "My kids said an ambulance came to school yesterday but I didn't know a child had passed away. My heart just goes out to the family."

"I'm very very upset and sad for her parents," said grandmother Gwenna Charles. "I'm sure the school did all they can to try and save her."

Grimmett says it's not clear why or how the girl died. She appeared to have no health issues at all.

"On her heath record, it only showed that she wore glasses," said Grimmett. "That's why it was such a surprise because there was absolutely nothing wrong with her."

The school has a crisis team and multiple counselors available for students as they try to deal with the loss.

"We will work through it with the support of our community and praying people," said Grimmett.

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