Taheerah Ahmad's aunt talks about struggles, chaos of her family life

Taheera Ahmad's aunt talks about struggles, chaos of her family life (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – A profile is starting emerge of the mother who’s accused of holding her daughters captive for a week and then stabbing her oldest daughter 50 to 60 times.

Taheerah Ahmad, 39, is being held in the Tulsa County Jail, but she has not been charged yet and a video arraignment that was scheduled for this morning has been delayed until May 22.

Police say she may have mental health issues and that could be changing how the case is being handled.

Officers were called to the family’s home on East Mohawk Monday night when Ahmad’s middle daughter escaped and ran almost half a mile to a relative’s home.

When police arrived, they rescued her oldest daughter who’d been severely wounded.

Then an Amber Alert went out because Ahmad had vanished with her youngest child. She was caught Tuesday in downtown Tulsa and the child who was with her had not be harmed.

Police said she was waiting to be arrested and has also admitted to some of things that happened.

Ahmad’s aunt Barbara Field Alsharif called 911 and reported the crimes. She said she’s only surprised by the severity of the situation.

"Everybody loved her but knew she had a temper and attitude," Alsharif said. "I felt that she was capable of hitting one of the children. That’s why I often went to relieve her and check on the kids.”

She says Ahmad's sons live with their grandmother, because the grandmother didn't want them in Ahmad’s home.

Police say she also has a protective order against the girl's father.

Her aunt says her niece worked two jobs and didn’t have a normal household.

Alsharif said, “There wasn’t time to have activities so she let them over eat for activities. She let them cuss for activities and stress. I thought that was odd."

The police say the suspect had a lot of turmoil with other relatives and wasn't very close with most of her family.

Corporal Mark Kraft of the Child Crisis Unit said she also had a strange view of her daughters.

Kraft said, "She did not like the two older children because of the way they read their books. That doesn’t make a lot of sense but that was her reason for having such disdain for the two older children."

He said Ahmad saw the older girls as her "devil children" and the youngest as her "angel child."

The oldest girl is in very serious condition.

The family is praying she’ll survive, but her aunt is also worried about what she’ll have to deal with when it comes to recovering from such a terrible ordeal.

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