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Taking the 5G fight to state officials

Newly installed 5G pole in Walnut Creek (Mummolo/KTUL){p}{/p}
Newly installed 5G pole in Walnut Creek (Mummolo/KTUL)

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Headed to the Capitol, that’s what a Tulsa city councilor and some south Tulsa residents are planning to do in the fight over 5G towers.

Walnut Creek resident John Edison was hard at work Monday afternoon, walking around the area and making sure every home in the neighborhood was aware of the neighborhood meeting.

"These are door hangers. It’s to let people know about the 5G coming in our neighborhood," he said.

A cease and desist letter that someone taped to one of the new 5G poles in the neighborhood is meant to let the communications industry know just how unhappy many of the residents are.

"We’re really upset about it," Edison said.

Last week, the city told NewsChannel 8 that "[s]tate and federal laws are very deferential to the communications companies and limit the extent that municipalities can regulate the placement of wireless communications facilities."

Recognizing there's only so much local officials can do, one city councilor is stepping in to help.

"We want them to know they have a voice," said Tulsa City Councilor Jeannie Cue. She is taking the 5G issue to the state capitol later this week.

"That’s why we’re going to Oklahoma City with a group of residents from Walnut Creek Wednesday, and just letting our state senators, because there’s a state statute that protects [the communications industry]," she said.

As it is now, the process is so one-sided, residents are scrambling to play catch up.

NewsChannel 8 asked Edison, "Were you given any notice? Anything come in the mail? Somebody knock on your door, say, 'Mr. Edison, we’re going to be putting these poles up'?"

He answered, "No notice whatsoever."

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"We need more information for residents; we need more restrictions on how it’s handled, and they need a say in the process," said Councilor Cue.


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