TCC student overlooks challenges and wins holiday card competition

TCC student overlooks challenges and wins holiday card competition (KTUL)

It's a story about not letting anything stop you from achieving your dream, which is exactly what one Tulsa Community College student is doing, especially after winning the school's annual holiday card competition.

"There's not really anything to overcome to be honest," said Jose Ramirez, who won the competition. "Everybody has their talents, and it's nice that I can apply mine here."

Ramirez is in his second year at TCC studying digital media.

"There's never been a time where I didn't love art, so I used to draw a lot and then decided to make a career out of it," explained Ramirez.

He decided to enter the school's design contest but wanted to create something you don't usually see on the shelves.

"I was in shock. I could not believe I won," he said.

The theme was "Winter as One," and it highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion.

"I come here to school and see people all of kinds physically. But we have the same goal to create. So, I thought that would be a good message to point to in the card," Ramirez said.

His professor, Christina Umezawa, said he is a great example of talent and hard work.

"He chose to depict a bird, a squirrel and bunny making a snow man.. and the snow man is made up of parts the animals contribute," explained Umezawa.

Winning this contest is just the beginning and just solidifies his skill.

"Art, actually, is in the heart and mind, so it doesn't really have anything to do with one's physical state," said Ramirez.

Ramirez won $500 along with 25 cards for him to keep.

He did not want to disclose the name of his condition.

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