Teacher vs. teacher in upcoming runoffs


If you thought Tuesday's primary election was going to settle who you'll be voting for in November, think again.

There are a lot of runoffs happening in just two months, and some of them are pitting teacher against teacher.

Charles Page High School teacher, Michael Ross spent his Wednesday morning picking up his signs.

"Each sign cost about $6 a piece," said Ross. "We put quite a few of them up in west Tulsa."

While he might be picking up the signs, he's staying in campaign mode, not ready to throw in the towel.

"It's kind of like the Rocky movies," said Ross. "Rocky one ends in a split decision; Rocky gets the win. So, this morning we woke up, it's Rocky two now."

He now heads to a run off for the democratic nomination for District 68 State Representative, squaring off against Clinton West Elementary School teacher, Angela Statum.

It's teacher vs. teacher.

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"We're both fighting for public education," said Statum. "It's going to be a tough decision."

"I hesitate to call her my opponent," said Ross. "We get along really well. We meet each other all the time at different events."

It's not exactly the outcome either of them wanted, feeling slightly disappointed they didn't get enough votes. But it only means they have another shot at winning and with two teachers up for the same role, both look at it as a win already.

"You have two candidates emphasizing the importance of advocating for our kids, advocating for families and advocating for public education," said Ross. "That's important to me."

"Whether I win or lose, this has been a good experience, and it has shown the people of Oklahoma that the teachers are uniting," said Statum.

The campaign continues for a bit longer for these two, with long-lasting change in education on the horizon.

Run off elections will be August 28.

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