Teachers get creative at Mayfest to help provide for their students

Teachers get creative at Mayfest to help provide for their students (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- More than 400,000 people made their way to Mayfest this year.

The 46th Annual Mayfest was a huge hit that will ultimately benefit many people.

Hundreds of thousands packed downtown Tulsa this weekend.

More than 100 vendors set up shop to sell their art.

"It brings people in from all over the region and contributes to the sales tax and the economy of the city," Mayfest Board President Debby Raskin said.

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She says all of the money raised is put back into the community and given to our schools.

"Sometimes we may give it to an at-risk school that doesn't have an art program," Raskin said. "It may be put toward the Tulsa Public Schools Foundation with the stipulation that it goes to arts."

Many electives in schools have been cut because of the lack of funding.

"To be top in education, we need to cover all of the bases," Columbus Elementary Principal Janice Thoumire said.

A two-week teacher walkout earlier this year highlighted those issues.

This weekend, teachers were out again.

Thoumire and Columbus Elementary School teachers camped out in Arvest Bank's parking lot.

"[Arvest] let us use both of their parking lots to park cars and collect money," Thoumire said.

All of that money goes toward their students.

"We are a Title 1 school, so they come sometimes without socks, underwear, food," Thoumire said.

She says the teacher walkout was successful in many ways.

"What it didn't provide was money like this for our schools, money that we have lost over the last ten years to provide the necessities of teaching," Thoumire said.

She says for years that lack of funding has forced teachers to take from their own pockets to cover for their students.

"This is what we are doing right now to fill in that gap," Thoumire said.

The teachers hoped to raise enough money to get through the end of the year with their students.

Next year's Mayfest is scheduled for May 16-19,2019.

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