Teachers pass their signs to parents to continue fight for more funding

Most of Green County headed back to class on Monday after a two week state-wide teacher walkout. (KTUL)

Most of Green County headed back to class on Monday after a two week statewide teacher walkout.

Many teachers made a quick stop before heading back to school, giving students and their parents their rally signs. These supporters will now continue the fight for the teachers in Oklahoma City, the fight for more funding.

"It just makes you feel like you're not alone," said Broken Arrow teacher Jeannie Stuebe. "This isn't over and the public's behind us, so it feels really good."

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"These are just two that I have," said Librarian at Hale Junior High in Tulsa Michelle McCain. "I have seven or eight in my car."

McCain says this passing of the torch is a special moment and a turning point in this movement.

"I love my students and anybody else who wants to love on them, too, whether that's fighting for them at the Capitol or donating their time, that always moves me."

For Cassie Cunningham, a parent of four, she says taking this sign to the Capitol was an easy decision to make.

"I feel it's important that parents advocate for their children. It's not just the teacher's responsibility," said Cunningham. "When parents step, when they personally don't have anything to gain, it speaks volumes."

Many of these teachers are still distracted by the funding issue, making it difficult to return to class, but knowing these parents and other supporters are advocating for them makes a world of difference.

"We all want to be back in the classroom with our kids, but we also want to find closure to this whole situation and get the demands we were asking for," said Stuebe.

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