Teachers prepared for walkout to last weeks if Oklahoma lawmakers don't take action

Moore teachers plan to make themselves right at home at the Capitol until lawmakers "fix this disaster." (Caroline Vandergriff/KOKH)

Day two of the teacher walkout brought another big crowd to the Oklahoma State Capitol, and many teachers expect even more people to show up Wednesday.

Many districts have already cancelled classes for tomorrow.

The Oklahoma Education Association is urging teachers and supporters to be at the Capitol at 11 a.m. and to stay even later Wednesday.

“Hopefully we can fix what’s been broken for a long time,” said Lewis Rutherford, an Edmond teacher.

Many teachers say the pay raise they received is great, but they really need more funding for their classrooms.

“We hope everyone knows we’re doing this for the right reason,” said Gayle Hahn, a teacher in Broken Arrow. “We’re up here because of our kids. Taking care of them is our upmost importance.”

Hahn is one of 200 teachers from Broken Arrow who take the bus or drive to and from the Capitol every day to be here. It’s not a quick trip.

“Couple hours,” said Hahn. “I try to sleep, so I don’t even know for sure.”

She says they’re willing to keep coming back for the next few weeks if they have to. They’re not alone.

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” said Tamara Miller, a Moore teacher. “And the next day. And Friday. And next week.”

At this point, April’s calendar shows no end in sight to the teacher walkout.

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