Teachers push back against lawmaker who chastised them

A state lawmaker is on the hot seat after posting a video chastising teachers. (KTUL)

Day two of teacher saturation at the Capitol and the most talked about thing to come off the floor of the house wasn't a piece of legislation.

"I understand the frustration, but this is not the way to go about it," said OK State Rep. Kevin McDugle of Broken Arrow, taking teachers to task for behavior.

"All year long we supported you, and now you're going to come here and act like this after you got a raise. Go right ahead, be pissed at me if you want to," he said.

"I was pissed," said Tulsa teacher Dani Bormann.

The video got more views than teachers get excuses for lost homework.

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"I think legislators need to understand we're not necessarily angry at them as individuals, this has been an ongoing problem for a decade or more," said Broken Arrow teacher Rachel Pilant.

"I think it's a good sign that the conflict is so intense," said parent Krista Waldron.

"And the fact that he's angry because we're raising a little bit of pain right now to say, 'Hey, we're serious because you don't take it serious,' this is what happens," said Bormann.

But then, midway through the day like a make-up exam...

"He did remove that video and post another one," said Pilant.

"I have voted for teachers, I will continue to vote for teachers," said Rep. McDugle.

In the second video, which begins by slightly back peddling, he says there's been death threats and vandalism at the Capitol.

"I found out that it's not necessarily Oklahoma teachers that are doing it, but that we've got people here from Chicago and California, and it's frustrating that they're here doing it, vandalism in the parking lot, death threats to our legislators," he said.

Rep. McDugle reiterates that he's consistently supported teachers and will continue to do so. And as for that first video?

"I do apologize that it came across the way that it did. You guys can tell by my heart and by my votes over the last year and a half exactly where I stand with teachers," he said.

"Well, too late, too late, and regardless who it's against, you don't say those kinds of things about people who are just trying to fight for what's right," said Bormann.

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