Teachers shop from used, donated items to help supply classrooms

Teachers shop from used, donated items to help supply classrooms (Courtesy of Krystal Medina)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Tulsa teachers were given a chance to stock their classrooms before starting school, but many are still spending their own money.

Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association hosted the Teacher Give n Grab event.

Retiring teachers, or those changing subjects, donated their used posters, books, shelves and other items to help teachers stock their rooms.

It's a great resource for teachers, but not a resource they thought they'd need.

Almost every donation was gone when Claire Jadis got a chance to shop for free, but she was still able to find some treasures for her new group of third graders at Skelly Elementary.

"They deserve it, when I was a child I deserved a good education, I deserved to not feel like an outcast because my school isn't real funded," she said.

The items donated weren't new, just like the lack of funding for education.

"It breaks my heart and it should break everyone's heart because we value education so less," Jadis said.

But after the teacher walkout earlier this year, teachers are actually hopeful for this new school year.

"We are just excited because we feel empowered," Jadis said.

Many teachers will be walking into the new school year with better pay, a little more money for education and a new drive for our state.

"I am optimistic that the changes we saw this year, we will see more changes with the new legislator," high school teacher Krystal Medina said. "Especially with how many pro education people there are running for office."

In the meantime, hundreds of teachers like Medina will continue pulling from their own pockets.

"Getting those resources and supplies that are necessary to learn with are just not in the budget," she said.

They'll use the generous hand-me-downs to make it work.

"I would hope that one day we wouldn't need something like this," Medina said.

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