The Gathering Place set to open in one month

The Gathering Place set to open in one month (KTUL)

Every second until the Gathering Place opens is being counted down on park's official website. Wednesday marks less than one month until everyone gets to finally see the park they've been hearing about for years.

"This will be one of the great moments in the history of our city, this is the greatest public park gift in American history," said Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum.

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He considers himself a Tulsa historian, and says the broad ranging impact of this park will exceed almost everything else that has come before.

"I would liken it probably to the opening of our airport when we were one of the first airports in the world," Bynum said. "When most people had never seen an airplane, we were actually the busiest airport in America through the 30s."

The work is underway right now to polish this diamond to give it the most sparkle on opening day.

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There was a line of trucks going into the Gathering Place to grab that last bit of construction debris and hauling it away Wednesday. They are also finishing up planting throughout the park, and at night you'll notice they have the lights on and are aiming them. They are pulling out all the stops.

"We keep calling it a park because it's a large outdoor space in the middle of a city, but this is not a park like most of us would think with grass and a jungle gym," said Bynum. "This is going to redefine what parks are for the world."

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