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'The People's Convoy' arrives in Big Cabin on their way to D.C.

'The People's Convoy' arrives in Big Cabin, OK. (KTUL)
'The People's Convoy' arrives in Big Cabin, OK. (KTUL)
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“The People's Convoy” is on a cross-country mission, voicing concerns about COVID mandates. The stream of trucks spending the night in Big Cabin on their way to Washington D.C.

“It shouldn't be a forced issue, it should be something we voluntarily do,” said truck driver George Robinson Jr. “I understand it's an issue, it's something we all need to watch for. Protect each other, that’s all we can do.”

And a lot of people here in Green Country seem to agree, hundreds of people lining turnpikes across the state with flags, signs, and support for the cause.

“We are here trying to make a statement that we do have freedoms, we do have rights, and that these weren’t given to us by the government,” said Chaz Jaco, a supporter on the Creek Turnpike. “They were given to us, unalienable rights by God, by our creator.”

Hundreds more people waited to greet them as they rolled into the Woodshed of Big Cabin. Organizers say it's the biggest crowd they’ve seen so far along their route.

“I used to drive a truck and I don't believe in what they’re pushing,” said Bryan McGill as trucks began to roll in. “It's my body, my choice, it's my freedom. And they’re taking it away from me.”

So far the convoy has raised over $1.5 million to help the drivers along the way, a volunteer saying their fuel will be taken care of as they make their stop into the night.

“One of these trucks just driving down the road you’ll put $700 to $800 in it a day,” said truck driver, Toby. “So for them to come and stop making money and then spend $1,000 a day just to come out is an insane amount of money.”

Their main point of focus has been trying to bring the mandates to an end, but they’re hoping this will shed light on some of the other issues they face on the road.

“Better rates, better places to stop. I hope that we can get the shippers and receivers online with it to understand that they’ve got a deadline and we’ve got a deadline too to get their product from where they’re wanting to where it needs to be,” said Robinson.

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The convoy will be leaving tomorrow morning and heading towards their next stop outside of St. Louis. They’re expecting to arrive in the nation’s capital on March 5.


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