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The red apple wave headed to the Capitol

Dozens of teachers and educators are running for office. (Mummolo/KTUL){ }{ }{p}{/p}
Dozens of teachers and educators are running for office. (Mummolo/KTUL)

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If you thought the walkout ended when the last teacher left the capitol earlier this year, think again.

"I've heard it referred to as still walking," said state representative Eric Proctor.

That's the phrase given to describe the scores of teachers now running for office.

"There’s a dozen of us here; there are teachers all over the state running. It’s really exciting. This is a new movement," said candidate John Waldron.

A movement with firsthand experience of Oklahoma's education system.

"I started out at Booker T. Washington, went over to Grover Cleveland Middle school for about 28 years," said candidate Bryan O'Brien.

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"This is my second year of teaching art, and I’m teaching middle school and high school this year," said candidate Heather Chenoweth.

"I had 35 years in education where I was a teacher for 15," said candidate Janice Graham.

For Janice Graham, the walkout was the final straw.

"Well, the walkout, the walkout was it; this was not on my bucket list. The walkout is what motivated me," she said.

Teachers are accustomed to have a lot on their plate at one time, making for a daily schedule that's now reading, writing, arithmetic and running for office.

"I’m missing my daughter’s softball right now; my son had to go to my sister’s. I’ve been at school all day long, but I feel like, right now, we just don’t have a choice but to juggle it, because the state that Oklahoma is in," said candidate Angela Graham.

It's a state they're hoping to revamp by re-prioritizing education as a whole.

"We should be leading this nation in education not lagging behind it, but before we can lead, we need to be able to read and that’s a problem right now," said candidate Forrest Mayer.

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Finally, we leave you with a report card as we ask these teachers what grade they'd give overall to the current legislature.

"I mean they did give us the raise, so maybe a C right now," said Chenoweth.

"D minus, if not worse," said O'Brien.

"So, I heard you ask that. For Bryan and I was going D, D!" said Angela Graham.

"I guess I give them a C," said Waldron.

"If you had to give them an average, they’re close to a D minus," said Janice Graham.

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"I’d have to give them a big fat F, because right now, the biggest problem we have is partisanship," said Mayer.

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