Thieves caught on camera taking off with church trailer

    Thieves caught on camera taking off with church trailer

    The members of a Tulsa congregation are having their values tested.

    Forgiving isn't easy for anyone, and they've been hit by criminals three different time in the last few years.

    The folks at the Eastland Assembly of God had the gate cut open on fenced enclosure that's topped with barbed wire.

    They're now missing a five by eight trailer they used for special events such as taking kid's luggage to summer camp.

    It's a loss that hurts.

    "It's surprising to me that anybody has to do that. There's got to be an easier way to make an honest living than to steal from them," said Rev. Randy Dyer.

    Security video from last Friday morning at about a quarter to five shows in the upper-left hand corner someone back up a van to the gate.

    In just 60-seconds, it appears two people cut the lock and hauled the trailer out.

    Another camera shows them pulling it out of sight behind the church. There they secure it to their van and make their getaway into the morning darkness in less than five minutes.

    The pastor says it's tough, but they are willing to forgive.

    "They're God's children, and we still love them, and we would just want that message to go out that God still cares for and loves them, and as I said, there's got to be a better way," said Dyer.

    The last few years, the congregations has had two sets of air conditioners stolen to be sold for scrap.

    While their trailer was insured, the deductible is probably higher than its value.

    "It seems like someone that would steal something like a trailer are going to a great risk for something that's not that valuable," said Dyer.

    Two suspects risk facing time in jail, and it's a a complete loss for the Eastland Assembly.

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