Thieves take more than 100 tires off 32 cars at Broken Arrow dealership

Thieves take more than 100 tires off 32 cars at Broken Arrow dealership (KTUL)

BROKEN ARROW, Okla., (KTUL) -- A Green Country car dealership has quite the mess on their hands after thieves took more than a hundred and thirty tires off cars from their lot.

It happened early Monday morning at Jim Norton Chevy in Broken Arrow.

If you want to hurt a car dealership.

Stealing tires off more than 32 cars will do that.

“It’s definitely not the ideal situation to deal with at anytime," said Dave Croteau.

Especially right before Christmas.

Dave Croteau with Jim Norton Chevy is assessing the damage today.

“We’ve had cases where there was one vehicle, or maybe two but never thirty two," said Croteau.

Thieves broke into his back parking lot Monday morning.

Leaving several cars balanced on wooden studs, or resting on the ground.

“It’s Camaros, Silverados, Equinox and Traverse," said Croteau.

Brand new cars his team is working hard to repair and replace.

“Our goal is to get the cars front line ready to go for Christmas or get them sold as quickly as we can," said Croteau.

“This is a tough case because we don’t have any leads," said Officer James Koch.

A day after the crime, Broken Arrow police are still investigating.

“We don’t have any person’s of interests, it’s going to take a least a couple of days for people to start talking throughout the community and for these wheels to start popping up places," said Koch.

Meanwhile Croteau is working with Chevy to get new tires shipped.

“The process for us is to work with them to get the right tires and wheels that were on each vehicle," said Croteau.

And fixing their security measures so this doesn’t happen again.

“We’re looking forward to putting it behind us and selling some cars," said Croteau.

Unfortunately, the dealerships security cameras don’t show much.

Police say since the thieves cut the wires to the lights, there really isn't much to go on.

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