Thieves target Brady Heights, Tulsa's oldest neighborhood

Thieves have been targeting Brady Heights, smashing a car window, riffling through unlocked vehicles and stealing a pickup truck. (Wilson/KTUL)

It's Tulsa's oldest neighborhood. Brady Heights is a tight knit, welcoming community, but lately, residents have dealt with an increase in crime.

"We love Brady Heights," said resident Dani Widell.

"Yes, we do love this neighborhood. We've been here for 10 years," said resident Jenna Brennan.

But there's been some new activity that's decidedly unwelcome.

"Lately, it just seems that we've had kind of an increase in crime," said Brennan.

"We had a neighbor last weekend on Saturday night whose window was broken out," said Widell.

"We've had incidents at night where people have gone through neighbor's cars," said Brennan.

"We had one neighbor that had items from Target and the receipt there, and they were stolen out of his vehicle and they were returned to the Target store at 15th and Yale for a gift card," said Widell.

Then, there's surveillance footage that shows a grey pickup truck in a driveway. One minute it was there, the next, it was gone.

"It's crazy; it's really crazy," said Dani Widell, the truck's owner. It was Widell's work truck, plastered with their logo and phone number, gone in the middle of the day.

"We were very surprised to come home and find it missing," she said.

"We do see an increase in break-ins and things whenever temperature gets nice," said Jennifer Rush of Tulsa Crime Stoppers.

As for police?

"I do see the police, and I do see them patrolling. I think especially at night it would be nice to have a few more cars patrolling," said Brennan.

In the meantime, if you see a grey pickup truck with their logo, give 'em a call. They'd like to know where it is.

"It's really obvious whose truck it is and the phone number is everywhere," said Widell.

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