Thousands of voter registration cards to file before election day

Residents register to vote at the Tulsa County Election Board before deadline. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - The rush is over for voter registration at the Tulsa County Election Board, as the deadline to fill out the form ended, Friday.

However, the work is only getting started for the office. Secretary Patty Bryant said six people were originally staffed to enter all the forms.

“We normally have 300-500 a week and now we’ve got like 4,500 a week so as you can imagine I have about 12 additional staff helping with the data entry,” said Bryant.

Though the count of voter registrations are very high, Bryant said it’s still not beating numbers from the 2012 election. The total could come in at a close second once staffers count registrations for people like first-time voter and high school senior Griffin Smith.

“I kind of like that I’m contributing to society in a way and just that my opinions are being voiced,” said Griffin while filling out his form during his school lunch break.

Tulsa’s League of Women Voters stopped by Booker T. Washington High School, Friday, to give all eligible seniors a chance to sign up.

“The 18-29-year-old demographic are the least represented at the polls. We wanted to catch as many students as we could today and make sure that they have a chance to check that box and make their own voice heard,” said Mary Jane Lindaman of Tulsa’s League of Women Voters.

Bryant expects staffers to work long hours and weekends to get all registrations into the system. She said people shouldn’t worry if they don’t have a voter id by election day, instead, she gives a tip.

“Go to and go to the election’s page and everything is there. you can type in your name and your date of birth and it will pull up your voter registration and it will show you where you are registered, what address you have, where you go vote,” said Bryant.

The election board also has 11 classes currently going training more than 300 precinct officials. This is an effort to help with the flow of election day when at the polls.

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