Three men tie up teenager during armed robbery in Wagoner County

Three men tie up teenager during armed robbery in Wagoner County

A teenager in Wagoner County is lucky to be alive tonight after three men broke into his home this morning, tied him up and threatened to kill him as they ransacked the house.

This boy’s mother didn’t want her identity revealed, but she tearfully told us what happened this morning at her home near the Muskogee County line.

“My son called from the neighbor’s phone,” says the tearful mother.

A boy, only 13, was home sick from school. He woke up to a potentially fatal alarm.

“Coming out of his room and seeing that guy face-to-face,” says the mother. “He said he didn’t know what to think at first.”

His mother, at work, had no idea three men were robbing her home.

“I don’t even know that there’s words to describe the feelings that I had,” she says of the moment her son called. “It’s very terrifying.”

During the robbery, the thieves tied her son up in the laundry room with a power cable.

“He told me that when they told him to get on the ground and not look at them,” she says through tears. “That he covered his face and started praying to God.”

“We could be working a homicide out there,” says Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot. “So, he’s a very brave young man.”

Sheriff Elliot says cases like these push him over the edge.

“I’m a father and I’m a grandfather,” Elliot says. “So, when I go to these calls and see a 13-year-old kid being victimized, I’m gonna tell you I get very angry.”

“He said he looked at that gun,” the mother says. “And he was very scared.” She knows it could have been much worse.

“I said ‘Are you OK? Did they hurt you?’,” she says. “And he said ‘No, Mom I’m OK’. So, I just thank God that he watched over us and that he’s safe.”

“I said [to detectives] ‘We’re staying at work tonight until we run down every possible lead that we can’,” Elliot says. “Because I’m very confident that we’re going to make an arrest on this.”

But for now, it’s a manhunt for the men who robbed their home.

“We want to caution everybody,” Elliot says. “These subjects are considered armed and very dangerous. So do not approach them. We just ask that you notify the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office or local law enforcement depending on where you see them at.”

Sheriff Elliot does tell me they have a few leads they’re working on but still need the community to be on the lookout if they see any of those three men.

They stole thousands of dollars of firearms, electronics and a dirt bike.

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