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Toddler locked in car saved by Tulsa firefighters

Toddler locked in car saved by Tulsa firefighters. (Courtesy of Cortney Toumayan)
Toddler locked in car saved by Tulsa firefighters. (Courtesy of Cortney Toumayan)
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An area resident is grateful for the Tulsa Fire Department after firefighters helped rescue her son from a locked car.

Cortney Toumayan said her son was getting bloodwork done on Monday, September 18, and she bought him a firetruck toy afterward.

According to Toumayan, everything began when she tossed her purse to the front seat of her husband's car and closed the car door after buckling her son into his car seat.

She went to the driver's side, which was locked.

"I thought, "That's weird, how did it lock the front while I had the back open?"," said Toumayan.

At the time, it didn't register with her that in order to unlock the backseat side of the car, she needed to hit unlock twice on the key fob.

She went back to her son's door to reach through and unlock the front row doors and found that the backside doors were locked as well.

Toumayan said she began talking to her son through the window, which was rolled up, asking if he could pull the door handle.

Her son tried but couldn't reach the handle.

She then asked him if he could try pulling the silver lock on the car door up. He couldn't get a good grip.

The car wasn't running, and within 2-3 minutes, Toumayan said her son's hair became wet from sweating and his face was red.

The mother tried calling her husband's work and asking if he had a spare key. The husband didn't and left work to try and help.

Toumayan said her son shortly began crying and yelling for her to get in the car.

By then, she called 911 and the Tulsa Fire Department responded to the incident.

According to Toumayan, it took TFD five to six minutes to get the door unlocked.

A firefighter then climbed in and unlocked the door on the son's side.

Toumayan's husband was able to open the door and pull the child out of his car seat.

"He had completely sweat through his clothes and was shaking and crying," she said.

The boy's parents and TFD made sure he was OK.

Toumayan added that firefighters gave her son cold water and let them look at the fire truck.

Tulsa Fire Department shared Toumayan's story and invited her to bring her son by its station.


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