Investigators find homemade bomb, 10 meth labs during raid of Oklahoma home

Investigators find homemade bomb, 10 meth labs during raid of Oklahoma home (RCSO)

Rogers County deputies are thankful a pre-dawn series of drug raids went well just east of this Route 66 town. They hit four different properties with drug warrants and made five arrests, but they were surprised to find a home-made bomb at their first stop on South 4290 Road.

At that rundown mobile home, they said they confiscated 10 bottles that were being used to make shake-and-bake methamphetamine and arrested a couple. While searching that property they found a homemade explosive that Sheriff Scott Walton called a” hillbilly bomb.”

Major Coy Jenkins said it was crude and unstable.

“This particular device was made out of a plastic bottle and it had some compounds in it, with wiring and such that made it very, very dangerous,” said Jenkins.

All the arrests were made in homes in fairly remote areas, but the sheriff said even in those locations public tips can be crucial. He said they were alerted about suspicious activity and were able to identify the homes in an area that’s just a couple of miles wide. They believed the operations were connected and when they started to track the movement of meth-making materials the case fell into place.

While the people arrested Tuesday don’t have a lot of neighbors, the deputies said you don’t want meth makers living anywhere near you.

“These people a lot of times their minds are not functioning properly and they do some ridiculous things," said Jenkins.

He added, “Having an explosive device where there’s already combustible material, it's not a good thing. It’s a mixture for disaster for sure.”

The Tulsa Bomb Squad ended the threat when they detonated up the device. Deputies believed the suspects had intentions to use the bomb but they want to investigate further before commenting.

The suspects' problems are just beginning, because in addition to the drugs and bomb deputies also think they recovered a lot of property taken in recent burglaries.

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