TPD holds second 'Women in Policing Day' in hopes of recruiting more female officers

    TPD holds second "Women in Policing Day" in hopes of recruiting more female officers

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Tulsa Police are looking for suspects, but also these days they are looking for more women to become officers. Currently, only one out of 10 officers is female.

    TPD is holding a mini academy just for women with hopes they will join the force. For some this was the first time firing a gun and their career paths don't really call for it.

    “I am currently a nursing student at TU,” Amanda Sampayo said.

    “I am currently in Graphic Design,” Sarah Hanson said.

    Their big passion, one they haven’t always shared aloud, is law enforcement.

    “I love it,” Sampayo said. “I’ve learned a lot just from today, the shooting and the personal interviews with the current staff.”

    Sampayo was one of about 30 women who attended the Tulsa Police Department’s “Women in Policing Day.” It is laid out like a mini academy. In one day the women learn basic skills like handcuffing, use of force, gun safety and shooting a gun.

    “It is awesome to see that many women in a room who want to be in law enforcement,” Sampayo said.

    This is TPD’s second course for women. It is part of their plan to recruit more women and bring more diversity to the force.

    “I think that it is important for women to step out of their comfort zones and say hey we are just as capable as you are,” she said.

    Sarah Hanson is interested in being a park ranger. After going through the mini academy and talking with some of the female officers she says law enforcement is probably tougher for women.

    “Partially due to the physicality, but a lot to do with the bias of everyone, not just the public but also your fellow officers and your superiors,” Hanson said.

    But if she can do it and all of these women can do it, so can you.

    “I think women need to be strong and resilient and do what they’ve been doing for hundreds of years, just standing up for their positions,” Hanson said.

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