Mother arrested after infant found with a high blood alcohol level

    Mugshot of Monique Bibbs (Tulsa Co. Jail)

    A woman was arrested Saturday after her 3-month-old baby arrived at the hospital with alcohol in its system.

    Police said 36-year-old Monique Bibbs had gone out drinking Friday night with a friend and filled a water bottle up with apple vodka. When Bibbs returned home she placed the water bottle next to the baby's formula and other items.

    According to police, around 9 a.m. Saturday Bibbs woke up to make the baby a bottle and unintentionally mixed the baby formula with the contents of the water bottle.

    The baby only took half of the bottle and refused to take any more.

    As Bibbs tried to burp the child, she smelled the liquor coming from the baby's breath and discovered she had used the bottle of vodka to make the formula.

    Police said Bibbs did not immediately seek medical assistance for the baby.

    Authorities report that Bibbs sought help from the baby's father but he refused. Bibbs then washed out the baby's alcohol-contaminated bottle and drove to the hospital around 10:30 a.m.

    Detectives found the empty vodka bottle in a trash bag in a dumpster at the apartment complex Bibbs stayed at the previous night. Police also report detectives found a water bottle that had been rinsed out in the sink inside the apartment.

    Officers said Bibbs delayed medical care for the baby, and because of this the baby's blood alcohol level rose after ingesting the alcohol.

    The baby had a blood alcohol content level of .19 percent.

    Bibbs was taken into custody and booked into the Tulsa County Jail for child neglect.

    Police report that the baby is in good condition but will remain at the hospital for more observation.

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