Owner of Owasso trash service recovering after hit-and-run accident

Exclusive video of the man shows him getting hit and the car leaving the scene. (KTUL)

OWASSO, Okla., (KTUL) -- Tom Marquez, owner of Marquez Trash Service, is recovering after getting hit by a car while on the job.

Exclusive video of the man shows him getting hit and the car leaving the scene.

It happened on a rural road in Owasso and the driver is still at large.

“They had to have known they hit me," said Tom Marquez.

Tom Marquez never saw it coming. He was just getting out of his garbage truck when the unthinkable happened.

“I went to get out of the truck, and a car came flying around the truck. I tried to get out of its way, and that’s when it hit me," said Marquez.

In this video from his truck, you can see the car Marquez says slammed into him off North 177th East Avenue in Owasso. He says if it hit him head-on, he would be dead.

“It knocked my shoes off and my cap was lying in the middle of the road, and I broke my glasses," said Marquez.

The video shows the car putting on its brakes after impact; smoke coming from its exhaust.

Marquez thinks the car was going about 50 miles per hour. After the crash, his co-workers ran to his side.

“This is all bruised in here, ribs and everything, and the wrist is sprained real bad, but I don’t have any broken bones whatsoever," said Marquez. Today, he's resting at home with his wife. Doctors tell him he could be out for several days.

“Statistics show trash truck employees get hurt a lot," said wife Kellie Marquez.

She and Tom have had their company for more than 42 years.

They’ve never had a problem on the roads before.

“Tommy didn’t do anything, and he was just trying to do his job," said Marquez.

The couple says they’re not mad, they just want people to slow down.

“It wasn’t his time yesterday; thank God for that," said Marquez.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials tell us they don’t have a suspect or vehicle description.

If the man is caught, he could face felony hit-and-run charges.

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