Trees of Remembrance held to honor murder victims

Trees of Remembrance held to honor murder victims (KTUL)

Each year, the Tulsa District Attorney’s Office holds the Trees of Remembrance ceremony where families of homicide victims are invited out to decorate trees with ornaments in honor of their loved ones. This year’s event was held at Chandler Park.

The family of Sebastian Geiber still attends every year, after six years.

“I mean, he was my baby brother, and I miss him all the time. He is supposed to know my kids. He is supposed to be here for all of this,” said Jacca Barton, his sister.

For other families, it’s the first Christmas without their loved ones. Daiquiri Penn is mourning the loss of her son, Daquelon, who was shot and killed, police say, by a friend’s ex-boyfriend.

“It is very fresh... it was only two months ago... very hard,” said Penn, who hung an ornament with her son’s picture on it.

For as sad as the ceremony and holiday may be for families, District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler says he believes it helps families learn to heal and embrace life.

“It’s kind of bittersweet. I see a lot of families I that helped on cases, and I know what pain they have gone through and are still going through. But the happier part is I also see there is some recovery in their eyes, and they have sustained themselves,” said Kunzweiler.

Years ago, the event started with two trees. This year, there were a total of five to accommodate new ornaments and the ones from previous years.

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