Tulsa family, driver recovering after Jeep crashed into home

A Tulsa family and a driver, are recovering after a Jeep crashed into the family home, near Admiral and Delaware. (KTUL)

A Tulsa family and a driver are recovering after a Jeep crashed into the family home near Admiral and Delaware.

“It felt like the house moved. It felt like the house shook and it just moved that way. Like the car just pushed.. the house over,” said Anabel Paredes, the mom who had been sleeping on the sofa next to her babies.

“My kids were ok. They were still asleep. My little one was waking up. My mother in law she was terrified she was screaming, ‘Are you ok, are you ok?’ She couldn’t even get through the dining room. She had to push the furniture,” said Paredes.

Police reported the driver of the Jeep lost control when there was a malfunction with a tie rod.

Parades showed news crews the way the Jeep pushed the walls of the house inward, causing the inside walls to break down and shift.

“We never thought this was gonna happen. It’s just crazy, and like I said, we are just thankful everyone is still alive.”

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