Experts: Trump is right about computer security

Tulsa experts warn that most of us don't appreciate how great the dangers are when it comes to hacking. (KTUL)

Two experts who repair and protect our computers in Tulsa say President-elect Donald Trump was right when he said our computers aren't safe.

James Robison at 2 Wise Guys PC Repair and Virus Removal said most of us don't understand how great the dangers are when it comes to hacking. Viruses, malware and spyware are becoming more sophisticated all the time and most of us aren't doing enough to protect our systems and our information, he said.

Robison said you need to be careful where you click. Roaming the Internet and social media, clicking and downloading at random, can lead to serious trouble.

"A lot of times, when you download something, you automatically bypass your security, " Robison said.

Even if you don't download something, Robison said you can run into trouble by simply opening the wrong item.

"Your computer didn't open anything, but it downloaded that cookie," he said. "You just allowed that virus, that script, malware or spyware into your system."

Robison's brother, Gary, warned of the ads on major browsers. He said they may be legitimate, but hackers can target ads as a way of infecting a lot of computers.

"They don't want to have to deal with that computer again," Gary Robison said. "Because they don't know who you are. All they [see is] an IP address."

There are countless possible problems for our computers. James Robison said some hackers can even turn your computer into a "zombie," before using it to attack other computers.

"This is how a lot of these hackers are getting away and don't get caught," he said. Because they're using your system to send it out."

The Robisons said to make sure you have layered security protection that includes an anti-virus program, an anti-malware program and a firewall. Then, check weekly to make sure they are working properly.

Here are some more basic precautions they suggested for your computers:

  • Don't keep anything that needs to be secure on your computer.
  • Make paper copies of anything that's important.
  • Backup everything with multiple copies, and make sure they're stored in more than one location.

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