Tsunami sized water bills hit Tulsa family hard

The Anderson family is receiving outrageously high water bills and feel that their complaints to the city have fallen on deaf ears. (Mummolo/KTUL)

Like the rusted waves of water adorning the city seal on the manhole cover just outside their home, the memories of what the Anderson's water bills used to be are frozen in time.

"$70 , yeah normal, normal water," said Mason Anderson.

But that was before the road construction and their new water meter. Their water bills for last year?

"I think we paid last year upwards of $6 thousand just water alone," said Mason.

They've called the city repeatedly, month after month.

"Every time we call or try to report something they just say, 'Problems not on our end the problems on your end you need to figure it out,'" said Marshall Anderson.

So they have, that once leaky toilet in the basement.

"We had a leaky toilet in the basement, we fixed that, we had a plumber come and fix that. Still $600," said Mason.

OK, maybe it's something to do with the pool?

"We’ve talked to our pool man, said 'Hey, are we filtering the pool too many times?' He said, 'No,' there are many pools in this neighborhood, everyone has a pool, nothing abnormal compared to, he’s worked all these houses in the neighborhood, he said nothing is different from the house over there or that one," said Mason.

"You know we’ve had plumbers comes, we’ve had the sprinklers shut off, we’ve done everything conceivable we could think of and the water bill just stayed around the $600 water mark," said Marshall.

The highest water bill they've had? $800

"My mom cries on the phone when she opens up her water bill every month she cries, she doesn’t know what to do," said Mason.

At the end of August, the city sent somebody out, who left a flyer on the door with a check mark next to - 'Could not detect a leak at this time.'

"It's driving my mom insane, it's driving her crazy," said Mason.

So crazy, the Anderson's even went the extra step of hiring a leak detection consultant.

"We paid a company to come and do a full assessment. They found no leak . They had told us that several other houses in this neighborhood had experienced the same thing, super high water bills, with no source of what seemed to be the problem," said Marshall.

In the meantime, the Andersons grudgingly keep paying the bills.

"I mean if you don’t pay it you get your water shut off, so they have all the power in this situation,"" said Marshall.

Tulsa's Channel 8 reached out to the city but they did not have anyone available for comment.

If you've been receiving unusually high water bills, Tulsa's Channel 8 would like to know about it. Email us at and put "High Water Bills" in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

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