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Tulsa business environment good for entrepreneurs

Tulsa business environment good for entrepreneurs (KTUL/Edd Beran)
Tulsa business environment good for entrepreneurs (KTUL/Edd Beran)
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It was once a Ford dealership, the sputter of model T's still echoing off the walls, now reborn into 36 Degrees North, a place where economic engines of the future are revving up.

"It's a place where entrepreneurs, anyone who's started a business, has a business, wants to grow it, they can come they can work on that business," said executive director Dustin Curzon.

And here to help encourage that spirit of innovation...

"Tulsa has been a really cool surprise," said entrepreneur and investor Paul Singh, traveling across the country in his airstream.

His first impression of T-town as an incubator for entrepreneurs has been a good one.

"It's day one on a 5-day stop here I think I met with 8, 10 companies today, 8 companies today and, at least, two of them from a venture perspective have a very interesting business that might be worth digging into," he said.

One of those entrepreneurial hopefuls...

"I'm an auctioneer by trade and I do charity auctions in the community," said Rick Miller, launching which combines the acts of shopping and charity.

"I can only be behind one microphone at a time, but online, we can help so many more charities," he said.

Years ago, he might have had to move elsewhere to make a go of it, but now...

"There's no downside to being an entrepreneur here," said Singh.

Tulsa's entrepreneurial atmosphere, getting high praise from a guy who's been everywhere.

"I've invested in 50 countries over the last couple of years, I have never seen a co-working space look this good, anywhere," he said.

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