Tulsa business responds to reports of federal investigation

CCK Strategies (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- CCK Strategies released a statement Tuesday afternoon after a visit from federal investigators earlier in the day.

According to the company, authorities are investigating an Dallas-based business owner who has had occasional dealings with CCK's Texas clients. Marketing and recruitment director Kristie Porter said in a statement that CCK Strategies is not the subject of the investigation and that Tulsa operations returned to normal after federal authorities left.

We reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a comment on the investigation but have yet to hear back.

Porter's complete statement is below:

On Tuesday, February 6th, the office of CCK Strategies in Tulsa, received a surprise visit from Federal authorities in connection with an investigation they are conducting of a particular individual whose business is based in Dallas. The investigation was initiated by Federal authorities in their Dallas office.
Our understanding is that this individual is not a client of CCK but that he has had some business dealings with a few of CCK’s Texas clients and the purpose of the Federal visit to CCK was to gather information about the subject individual’s activities. CCK Strategies is not the subject of any investigation and is cooperating fully with all information requested. As of mid-afternoon on the 6th, CCK Strategies Tulsa operations were returned to normal business.
CCK is thankful to our clients, friends and others in the community who have reached out to us throughout the day with care and support based on the very limited information that had become public.
Kristie Porter
Marketing & Recruitment Director
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