Tulsa couple's dog held as evidence in Skiatook animal cruelty case

Toni Steele and Sofia were supposed to be apart for four weeks of training. Two weeks in, her trainer's home was raided, with 100+ dogs discovered inside (Toni Steele)

It's images like the sight of 106 dogs and several other animals being removed from a home that fuel water cooler talk for many of us. For Toni Steele, it fueled something more. Fear.

"I'm mortified. Mortified and in panic, just thinking was she there, is she there, is she safe, is she out?" said Steele.

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Steele and her husband adopted their chocolate goldendoodle "Sofia" just a few months ago, and as with most puppies she was a bit of a handful. They decided to take their vet's advice on a reputable trainer, Marj Satterfield.

"We were told that she trains three to four dogs at a time, and she does it at her facility, but at night she takes them home with her. So, my thought was oh this is awesome, she's going to train my dog, this is going to be awesome," said Steele.

For $1,500 they booked Sofia for four weeks of intense training. Two weeks in, they see the video of 106 dogs being removed from Satterfield's home. For days, they didn't know where their dog was, or if she was even alive.

"We did get word back on Saturday that they actually do have confirmation that she is there," she said.

Microchipping made that process much easier. That brings us to today, and the question they have now. When will they be able to take her home?

"That's the worrisome part. They said they are just waiting on the judge to make this decision, and they said it could be weeks," she said.

Despite all this, she isn't ready to wring someone's neck. She just wants Sofia back. Their check would be nice too.

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